ARCHIVES: Third Quarter 2019

As discussed on our Fall 2018 conference call, we owned shares of pet insurance company Trupanion in our core equity […] READ ARTICLE

Yesterday, Ensemble Capital’s CIO Sean Stannard-Stockton appeared on CNBC to discuss the recent flaring up in the US-China trade war. […] READ ARTICLE

Weekend Reading

27 July 2019 | by Mike Navone

A summary of this week’s best articles. Follow us on Twitter (@INTRINSICINV) for similar ongoing posts and shares. Soon Your […] READ ARTICLE

“No one buys a quarter-inch drill bit because they need a quarter-inch drill bit. What they need is a quarter-inch […] READ ARTICLE

Investors who’ve studied the works of Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch know that so-called “boring” stocks can present wonderful investment […] READ ARTICLE