ARCHIVES: Second Quarter 2018

The Wall Street Journal published an article this week quoting me saying “The high end of the smartphone market where Apple […] READ ARTICLE

The phrase “corporate culture” can be eye-roll inducing. It sounds like something right out of an M.B.A. textbook or the […] READ ARTICLE

Weekend Reading

28 April 2018 | by Paul Perrino, CFA

A summary of this week’s best articles. Follow us on Twitter (@INTRINSICINV) for similar ongoing posts and shares. Electric Buses […] READ ARTICLE

Before joining Ensemble, I wrote a book called Keeping Your Dividend Edge, which discussed ways investors can identify promising dividend-paying […] READ ARTICLE

Below is the Q1 2018 quarterly letter for the Ensemble Fund (ENSBX). This quarter’s Company Focus is on Netflix (NFLX) […] READ ARTICLE