ARCHIVES: First Quarter 2018

Imagine you went back to 2007 and told investors that within the next ten years, General Electric would cut its […] READ ARTICLE

From the Planet Money Podcast: “When elevators were first invented, they were like cars – big things that could kill […] READ ARTICLE

Weekend Reading

17 March 2018 | by Paul Perrino, CFA

A summary of this week’s best articles. Follow us on Twitter (@INTRINSICINV) for similar ongoing posts and shares. Want to […] READ ARTICLE

In August of last year we published a piece titled The Death of (Many) Brands in which we argued that […] READ ARTICLE

Over the last few decades, there’s been much debate about what makes for useful management guidance on conference calls and investor presentations. Here’s Warren Buffett, for example, in his 2000 letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, providing some reasons why guidance is dangerous: READ ARTICLE