Sean Stannard-Stockton Columbia Business School Interview

7 May 2021 | by Ensemble Capital

Columbia Business School is where Ben Graham, the father of value investing, taught Warren Buffett how to invest. In the decades since, the school’s MBA program with its value investing program has established itself as one of the very best graduate programs for aspiring investors. One offering of the program is their Graham & Doddsville newsletter (named after Warren Buffett’s classic essay “The Super Investors of Graham and Doddsville”) in which they feature long form interviews with top investors. In the most recent issue, they profile Ensemble Capital’s CIO, Sean Stannard Stockton.

In the interview, Sean discusses:

  • The mistakes he made early in his career and how they shaped his investment philosophy.
  • The evolution of Ensemble’s approach over the years and why it is so critical for investors to constantly improve and adjust their approach.
  • Why companies that pay employees well and do not exploit their customers can yield the best long term results for shareholders.
  • A deep dive on Home Depot explaining the key elements that have made it one of our top holdings.

You can read Sean’s full interview here and learn more about the Graham & Doddsville newsletter here.

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